Alabama Department of Education

Alabama Department of Education address is 50 North Ripley Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104-3833, the main phone number is (334) 694-4900 but you can also use the following phone numbers:

Alabama Department of Education: (334) 694-4900
Alabama Commission on Higher Education: (334) 242-1998, Toll-Free: (800) 960-7773 AL Residents Only
Special Education Services: Phone: (334) 694-4782, Toll-Free: (800) 392-8020 AL residents only
State Adult Education Agency: (334) 293-4500

Alabama Department of Education Fax Number: (334) 242-9708

What is Alabama Department of Education Phone Number?

Alabama Department of Education phone number to call and speak to a live person for assistance for your Alabama Department of Education is (334) 694-4900

Alabama Department of Education Website


Alabama Department of Education Mailing Address

Below is Alabama Department of Education address for either sending official mail or visit Alabama Department of Education offices:

Agency: Alabama Department of Education
Street: 50 North Ripley Street
City: Montgomery
State: Alabama
ZIP Code: 36104-3833

What services and information are provided by Alabama Department of Education?

Alabama Department of Education is Alabama state education authority that provides education related services and information including:

* Teacher’s Certifications.
* Education Data & Statistics.
* Specialized Programs.
* Learning Support.
* Professional Learning.
* Federal Student Aid.
* Student Loans.
* Students Grants & Programs.
* School Disaster and Emergency Management.
* Adult Education.
* Early Childhood Education.
* Elementary and Secondary Education.
* International Education.
* Non-Public Education.
* Education Resources.
* and more.

What is the average Teacher Salary in Alabama?

The average Teacher Salary in Alabama is $52,009, based on public data from the years 2018 to 2020.

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